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Got demons in my mind

My hell is unrefined

Destruction of my ego confront my own design

Mature beyond my time but my timing’s out of line

I worked beyond the crimes that I saw once I was 9

Connection to the lord, my grandma showed the veil

Opening up my mind to what is really real

The bullshit doesnt end, others can play pretend

I cant comprehend what my life is really meant

Do I fight to stay alive? Rejoice if I survive?

Are my values more important than the teachings of my tribe?

Drugs be on my mind, confusions left behind

Distracted by the images of my cosmic mind

Imagination ran amok I’m shouting out what the fuck

Holding on to the reality that got us all stuck.

So What is at the top

Do I Grind then flop

Do I sacrifice myself for the cream of the crop

Do you tell me when to stop then give me to cops

What will you believe when they throw me from the top

How do i make peace when the world is denial

The basic form of facts cant withstand a simple trial

Not knowing what is what like a clock without the dials.

Finally did some #art up here in #yellowknife #nwt #mural of the #five #elements of #nature #fire #earth #metal #water and #wood
SpaceBoots Lunar Landing Tall Tree Music Festival.
Tall Tree Festival
Raekwon in Nanaimo, Bc.
Danny Rebel & The KGB - BLASTOFF pre launch party!


3:30pm until 7:00pm

Alright… Here’s the deal.Our lovely bunch of rambling babbling baboons is be going across this vast land that is the canada, starting july 3rd… But you guys should already know that by now.To kick it off with a BOOM! we decided to team up with the good people of SoundCentral and do this in-store event. Where we will play a set and then listen to BLASTOFF all the while sippin’ on some beers(bring your own, cause were not sharing!)… AND to leave you all with a BANG! You’ll be able to purchase BLASTOFF before anybody else!!Set starts at 4pm ALL HAIL BLASTOFF!!https://www.facebook.com/events/368815406516867/ 
Artbeat Revelation: New Piu